[Infographic] How We Started Financing the 1% (In Agriculture)

From our previous post, we were shocked with the huge increase in production by smallholder farmers after we provided our financing. Emboldened with this information, we wanted to verify whether this gap in financing was unique to Eldoville’s farmers or was (fingers crossed) more common across the industry.
We started by engaging with more businesses to learn about their challenges and their needs. With that, we began to recognize common themes. This engagement led us to define our current laser-like focus on short-term financing for businesses across agriculture.

focus wheat

For those of you who are new to the world of SMEs, smallholder farmers, and agriculture, we created this infographic to highlight the huge gap in access to finance and credit along with the enormous opportunity.

Umati Capital SME Farmer Infographic

This infographic represents why we have continued to focus on businesses in the broad agricultural value chain. In our next post, we will share our story for our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)!

Are you a SME? How did you identify your ‘a-ha’ moment? Share in the comments!

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