Umati Capital is a technology-enabled financial services start-up with a mission to increase access to capital for small & mid-sized businesses across Africa.

Our Co-Founders

Our co-founders, Ivan & Munyutu met in 2012 with a simple dream to create a company that would revolutionize access to capital through the consistent and innovative use of technology. Combining their respective backgrounds in finance and technology, they launched Umati Capital in July 2013.​

Who are we?

Umati Capital is a non-bank financial institution operating in Kenya that offers a variety of credit products and related payments technology that aims to give our clients the ability to unlock their cash and grow their business.

What we do?

We leverage our proprietary technology to provide branch-less financial services to small scale suppliers, trading companies and industrial processors. 

Why we do it?

We are a team that wakes up each day excited to contribute to the ongoing revolution in access to finance that is sweeping across the globe and Africa in particular.

Our Leadership

Umati capital leadership brings together years of experience delivering lending products to small and medium sized companies. 

Ivan, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Patrick, Chief Operating Officer

Gathuo, Business Development Lead

Joshua, Credit Analysis Lead

Our Team

Cicy, Sales

Carol, Credit

Naomi, Finance

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Mondays to Friday: 9am to 5pm