Pre-register now to get credit on your purchases and an all-in-one solution for logistics, clearing and warehousing for goods landed in Kenya


Register to get up to KES 250,000 in credit on your first bulk purchase with Umati Capital

Credit on Purchases

Double your volumes with up to 50% credit on your purchases ​

Repay as You Sell

Get up to 60 days to repay your credit as you sell your landed stock​

Customs Clearance

Automatic KRA and KEBS clearance for minimum hassle​

Free Warehousing

Free warehousing of landed stock for up to 60 days​


How our Import Finance Product works

Create a purchase order on our portal for your order

Place your deposit for the purchase via M-pesa or bank transfer

Get notified once goods are landed and cleared and access a portion of your stock to sell

Clear the remainder of your stock as you pay in instalments over 60 days


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Umati Capital?

Umati Capital is a technology based company that advances cash to online sellers and wholesale traders

Am I eligible for the import finance product?

Umati targets physical/online shop owners, wholesale traders or other importers who are looking to import various consumer goods from China for resale in Kenya

What is required of me to access this loan?

  1. Apply online through the registration form. Please see the next question for tips before you complete the registration form.
  2. Create a purchase order for your product
  3. Please note that if you have an outstanding loan with Umati Capital, you will be required to first fully repay this loan before you can access the import finance product
  4. Accept final price and provide the required deposit funds

Important tips before you register for the import finance product

  1. All consumer products are eligible for import into Kenya for resale subject to local regulations as determined by Kenya Bureau of Standards
  2. Research the product(s) you would like to import for resale by visiting
  3. Make sure your desired product is an Umati Capital eligible product
  4. Look at the listed price and determine your desired buying price and selling price once goods are landed in Kenya
  5. Budget for at least 50% of the total purchase price and ensure that you have these resources available before you confirm your order

How do you find an Umati Capital eligible product on for financing?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Supplier drop down menu
  3. Type the product category in the space
  4. Ensure that you click “Trade Assurance” and “Gold Plus Supplier”
  5. Select your preferred product supplier from this list of Trade Assurance and Gold Plus Suppliers
  6. Click on your preferred product from this supplier
  7. Copy and paste the browser link for this product into the registration form

How do I create a purchase order for my product?

  1. Go to your registered email and accept the invite to the Umati Capital portal
  2. Confirm that your contact information is correct
  3. Click on the “Products Tab” and confirm that the product you entered in the registration form is available under the Products listing
  4. Click on the “Purchase Order Tab”
  5. Create a purchase order by clicking on the “+”button on the top right of the screen
    1. Place your national ID number in the subject tab
    2. Confirm your delivery address details
    3. Click on “Add Line Items”
    4. Search for your product name by typing the letters in the section titled “Search using Product Name or Code”
    5. Select your product
    6. Enter the desired quantity of the product
    7. Select the “Add Products” button
    8. Please “Save” this purchase order and wait for us to notify you once the final price is confirmed from your supplier

How do I contact Umati Capital if I have questions about my purchase order or if I want to change details?

  1. Log into the Umati customer portal
  2. Click on the “Purchase Order Tab”
  3. Go to the “Notes” section
  4. Type “@Umati Capital Support” in order to raise a support query
  5. Type your specific question/query that you would like to receive a response on
  6. Wait for a response (typical response time of less than 24 hours during normal business days)

How much will be required from me as a deposit for my order?

  1. Once you register for the import finance product you will be required to create a purchase order for your desired product
  2. You will receive a final buying price which includes the cost of the product, cost of transporting the goods to Kenya, clearing through customs (KRA and KEBS) and 60 days of free warehousing
  3. Umati Capital will then indicate the credit amount that you are now eligible for and indicate the required deposit funds that you must credit before the order process is initiated

How long do I have before I must place a deposit to confirm the order?

  1. Create a purchase order
  2. Wait for Umati Capital to confirm the final price to you on the customer portal
  3. You will have a maximum period of 72 hours before you must confirm the final buying price on the portal and 24 hours to place your deposit after confirmation of the final buying price

What happens if I don’t confirm the final buying price within 72 hours of price communication?

If you would like to still place this order, you will have to contact Umati Capital support through the portal to re-confirm whether the price is still valid.

If you no longer wish to place this order, the purchase order will be deleted automatically.



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